We are an exclusive business introduction service. We have a network of senior-level contacts in world-class organisations.

We intelligently pitch decision-makers on behalf of our partners...

Building & nurturing mutually beneficial relationships. Providing exceptional value through great people, partnerships and technology.

The Pursuit of Hen’s Teeth

(“Scarce as hen’s teeth” an expression~ meaning that something is rare, difficult to acquire or come by.) Part of my role involves pitching and illustrating the benefits of new tech to decision-makers. Whilst many may say they want to work smarter, better… not everyone is willing to do what is required.  That’s the kicker! The…

About us

We provide meetings with senior level decision-makers.

Intelligently pitching on behalf of our partners, taking the burden out of prospecting.

We have an established network of senior level decision-makers and provide bespoke executive search services in target organisations.

Business Intros now offers an exclusive recruitment service, working on select assignments.

Utilising our established network & talent pool, supporting our partners with key hiring decisions.

You can learn more about our ethos and pitch approach here.