Business Intros is an exclusive business introduction service - with a large network of senior-level contacts in world-class organisations...

Building & nurturing mutually beneficial relationships. Providing exceptional value through people, partnerships and technology.

Think Pain To Pitch

How do you create a compelling pitch? My suggestion… Think of the pain of the customer, and how your product / service can solve their pain specifically. It’s a great starting point. Most people know the value that their product / service offers. In fact most people think that their product / service is the…


(In short) Business Intros provides meetings with senior level decision-makers -

"Intelligently" pitching on behalf of partners, taking the burden out of prospecting...

With an established network of senior level decision-makers in many sectors including: Tech, Commercial, Financial Services, Public Sector & Health, Transport, and Higher Education.

"Great things can happen when we align a relevant, high-value product / service which solves specific problems.

People start to listen.

This is when we move from selling to helping." 

You can learn more about the pitch approach here.