Pitch Specific

When pitching a large corporation there are likely to be a number of decision-makers to win over.

I recently researched decision-makers for an auditing tools technology – for a Fintech company.

I began the process by carefully considering whom the tech would add most value.

See below, I identified two key decision-makers –

The Internal Auditing Manager –

The auditing tools allows the Internal Auditing Manager to run fraud risk analysis & duplicate payment prevention checks.

Also, the Finance Director / CFO – (who may have the authority to make a final decision)

Key high-value points the technology provides the CFO include – Leakage prevention, fraud detection, profit recovery…

Please note, that there are likely to be many decision-makers to consider when we pitch MNCs.

However, let’s just stick to these examples to demonstrate the need to be specific with approach.

It’s key to engage with decision-makers with an attractive, high-value pitch that appeals to their specific needs.

To highlight and meet their specific needs according to their job role / function.

I’ve found that when I pitch a relevant, high-value product / service… that quite often one decision-maker will help convince the others.

But, not always!

We must clearly demonstrate value to each of the decision-makers. It pays to be specific to the individual when we pitch.

Great things can happen when we align a relevant, high-value product / service, which solves specific problems… 

People start to listen.

This is when we move from selling to helping.